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Stafford Beer is our intellectual hero.  What Einstein was to phyics, Beer was to management science. His most important achievement was the Viable System Model, which he wrote about in these two classic books.

Patrick Hoverstadt has described the Viable System Model in modern management terms in the book “The Fractal Organization”. Therefore, for most of us it is easier to read than Stafford Beer's books. 

Our own contribution to the above list is the book (in Dutch) “Waarom gaan dingen nou nooit eens een beetje vanzelf? En waarom dat de verkeerde vraag is. ” Easier to digest than the aforementioned books, full of examples and in Dutch. The fastest introduction to the Viable System Model.


Note: The blogs have automatically been translated into Dutch.

A glimpse of DoITogether's world view

These blogs were written in 8 consecutive weeks in 2019.  They latch on to the actuality at the time in the Netherlands.  

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"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants."

- Isaac Newton